Pragmatic and analytical. Creative and enthusiastic.


I'm Ashley.

I grew up in the farm country of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, and have traded in small town life for city living ever since.


At American University in Washington, D.C. I studied print journalism and graphic design, quickly realizing that the digital world was where I wanted to focus.

After contract and freelance roles with Agence France-PresseGovernment Executive Magazine, and National Geographic, I moved to Manhattan and joined a small digital marketing agency. Working at a scrappy agency exposed me to many different client businesses and allowed me to quickly gain expertise across all digital marketing channels. Over the course of four years, I worked my way up from a marketing generalist to a campaign manager role, finally becoming a senior web strategist.

Four New York winters were more than plenty for me, and in 2014 I relocated to San Francisco, where I joined the marketing team at Asana. When I'm not running web projects from 9-5, you'll find me peddling my latest venture: Tees for Days.